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Much gratitude for many partners and colleagues. The collaborations are fruitful in so many aspects.

“Design och funktion är viktigt för oss!” – Mari Regner, Avidicare

“Design and function are important for us”

I am even learning a little Swedish!

Some Highlights from 2023

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM): SwiftEnvirons is providing facilities management resources to California’s stem cell research agency. A support role to this worthy cause is inherently fulfilling when considering the mission and myriad of healthcare outcomes: www.cirm.ca.gov/

NorthEastern University – two tracks of presentations and discussions for the NE Global Symposium on Leadership: Leadership and Embodied Carbon. Through our survey of leaders, we learned so much about how select leaders consider the future. These interviews were unique and insightful and we are grateful to all of the participants. The Embodied Carbon discussion has a taken on a life of it’s own.

ICF: Water and Energy. Contributing to environmental assessment of multiple projects and clearing the legal phase hurdles of others.

Avidicare: Innovation in indoor air quality with the goal of reducing infections in healthcare environments. This initiative – ultraclean air – has the maximum potential for impact on humanity. We are continuing our contribution to the team bringing the Opragon to the USA.

Food: Through construction of our test kitchen, we embraced induction cooking. It forced subtle changes in our processes and learning new techniques as we rethink food preparation.

For next year

Building on this year’s experiences (a big thank you to all of our interviewees and collaborators), research and healthcare environments – more of the same.

Architecture & Design





Footwear, Food & Community

Information Technology & Healthcare

Learning more about reducing carbon, embodied carbon and how best to balance our decisions for built environment.

Assembling a new set of profiles in leadership. Stay tuned for the 2024 Leaders List.

And food. Of course food. With the new induction test kitchen, we are rethinking how we cook and prepare food.

Images from 2023 showcasing collaborative innovation


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