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A little background. In my history at the University of California, Davis – Healthcare, I had the rare opportunity to lead not only planning, design, construction and operations of multibillion dollar programs. My role also included the highest level of QA of the AHJ and Fire Marshall for critical care, clinics, research and over 3M GSF of academic medical center. If this sounds daunting to you, when I joined UCDH in 2013 – it was not at all to me.

Why not? Because of my experience and abilities? Perhaps, but honestly, it was because of the incredibly talented and dedicate people in our organization. My job at times was to support those people, let them shine, listen to their concerns and communicate with leaders and partners. Being the cheerleader and collaborator is fun and fulfilling.

I am grateful for working with dedicated inspection people. They often have the dual challenges of regulatory and owner needs. Balancing those two goals with the overarching goal of the highest quality is not easy. I respect and value their role in delivering the best projects and feel honored to have led their groups. The talented David Seames shown here but never forget so many others! Sabrina Preciado Bill Hartman (P.E.) Christina Corbett Elizabeth Ashton Sinofsky for the photo.


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