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How Sustainability is moving to decarbonization – more than operational carbon, more than LEED – it is the future.

Wordle including common embodied carbon topics1

At the Northeastern University Symposium of Leadership and Project Management , we shared “Embodied Carbon: the New Frontier in Sustainability”. Chris Flint Chatto from ZGF Architects joined SwiftEnvirons in this conversation, sharing his firm’s examples of pushing the boundary of embodied carbon integration into design. Thanks to contributors Jeremy Erickson at Thornton Tomasetti, Jon Mohle at Clark Pacific, Arash Guity and Breeze Glazer at LeapStep and a host of other resources and collaborators who shared their perspective on this topic.

Whether you are already in this frontier or just want to hear more about it, please stay tuned for further discussions or reach out to SwiftEnvirons for a custom presentation for your group.

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