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“I won’t retire but I might retread” – Falling from Above, Neil Young

Just over three years ago Joel retired from almost three decades of public service in California, notably with the University of California and County of Placer.  This afforded Joel the opportunity to help Susan set up SwiftEnvirons at the base in Sun Valley, Idaho. Along with retreading his feet and rebuilding homes in California, they embarked upon soul-searching that resulted in focusing on the projects where we can make the most difference. 

The result has been working with exemplary clientele in healthcare innovation and life sciences research and development. These include private builders bringing environments for life sciences technology and advanced manufacturing, innovation in infection reduction through ultraclean ventilation Avidicare, and facilities management for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine in their mission to foster cutting edge cures.

 As of earlier this year, Jacobs asked Joel to join their program management group.  Of all the organizations we have worked with over the decades, Jacobs is easily the most robust, with a combination of culture, mission, depth of resources and support.  Joel is excited to be part of the Jacobs team working out of the Austin office. Working with David Syphard from Houston, Texas and Sid Sanders from Austin, Texas, we have formed a team to tackle the challenge of improving healthcare infrastructure. Joel is the program manager/construction manager responsible for building the new hospital that is a joint venture between the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin and UT MD Anderson Cancer Center. Expect to hear more from the University of Texas in building this essential landmark hospital in the heart of Austin.


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