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Our goal of an electric induction kitchen is achieved and then some. One compromise was to go with a four burner to fit existing electrical capacity for the 220V circuit. Along the way, Susan found an inexpensive – and more flexible – solution for more burners. She picked up a portable two-burner induction for $98 at the Gold Mine in Ketchum. Adding an electric induction wok and new we have three ways to cook with induction. We can test each and spread out on the island! We will have a follow up with some results.

The induction range, portable range and induction wok. Our test kitchen!
Susan preordered this four burner and we had it waiting in the garage for the cabinets and counters to be completed. Lesson learned from last year – watch the supply chain!
What a find! Susan picked this up at the Gold Mine in Ketchum for $98. Not only did it serve as our temporary kitchen burner during renovation, it adds a flexible two burners if someone wants to cook at an alternate location from the main range.
This inexpensive induction wok was put into immediate use. After curing – like any wok – it has turned out to be a valuable addition to our testing of induction cooking

Next up: we test our induction kitchen


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