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We love food. Who doesn’t? But we also love to cook. With the new induction kitchen, we are relearning to cook. Read on for more.

Introducing the Induction Kitchen

There’s a whole story about the construction, the design and the planning. But all the hard work and effort paid off for this rebuild.

Getting it Right – Let There Be Light

The images show our unique lighting layout. It started with raising the center of the kitchen in a coffered ceiling. Susan picked out the fixture as well as the orange fixture over the sink. Between these two and the slim vent-hood lights, there is plenty of light over the cooking island. We are still working on the best lighting for the nook and seating area…to be continued.

Hood? What Hood?

One of the unique aspects of this kitchen, related to an induction cook top, is the hood. Not only does the induction cooking remove the noxious aspects of natural gas from the space, it allows for more flexibility in hood design. We found a slimline hood with 20% more CFM, multiple settings and great lighting. The design fit the original roof penetration and vent, was easy to install and offers so much flexibility.

Food? It’s About the Food.

And the preparation of food. It can be fun. With Induction it can be fast. Be it from an induction wok (another story for another post), boiling water, breakfast, dinner or dessert, we put the kitchen to test.


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