(c) 2023 SwiftEnvirons LLC


Welcome to the website for SwiftEnvirons LLC. We are a focused consulting firm providing design and planning services for select clients in the sustainability, environmental, academic research, healthcare innovation, campus planning and public private partnership sectors.

The name SwiftEnvirons derives from moving quickly to address the issues that surround a project. This can be at the molecular scale, a building, community or planet, but all require timely interdisciplinary consideration of surrounding factors.

In 2023, we focused on select initiatives with key partners:

Facilities Management contract in support of California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. It has been an honor to support California’s stemcell research agency and their quest to develop so many cures.

Business Development for ultraclean ventilation innovation in healthcare, Avidicare. Avidicare represents the cutting edge of ultraclean ventilation, with the goal to reduce infections in healthcare environments, improve outcomes for patients and safety/satisfaction of staff. Avidicare is building a stellar team in the USA.

Environmental review and support of projects in water, wind, resiliency for ICF– building on decades of experience in environmental review, analysis and documentation.

Survey and Reporting – along with key partners and collaborators – Leadership, Sustainability and Innovation as well as Embodied Carbon discussions at the Northeastern University Global Symposium. We focused our conversations of key areas of Light, Air, Energy, Environment, Community and Design.

We also saw fruition of many projects we started some time back – from private developer research buildings to research in lighting and food to healthcare facilities to successful completion of environmental litigation to construction of the end results of years of planning and vision.

Essential to our practice has been collaboration with many partners in healthcare design, research, science and technology, product development and sustainability. Thanks to all of our collaborators and partners who we look forward to work with in 2024!