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Our Project Progress – preparing for electric induction cooking.

This project involved demolition of entire kitchen casework to make way for new island for induction cooktop. With the raised floor, we are fortunute to have a space to reroute electrical feeds for the replacement cooktop and oven. We also reworked the ceiling to realign the exhaust hood location – more on that later.
Power provided through existing circuits to location of cooktop and convenience receptacles. We checked to ensure that the existing circuits matched our needs.
Mocking up the location for induction cooktop. While we await cabinets, it was a good time to pull out the portable induction cooktop and test the configuration. No real surprises except that induction cooking happens much faster. We learned from talking to multiple chefs and restaurant managers – induction is as much a change for the people. Preheating a pan and cooking is so much more efficient that we have to adjust our time and space use accordingly. For instance, we used to rely on several minutes to heat a pan, and use time to gather materials. Now we need to assemble first and have items much closer at hand. Some modifications of cabinets have followed. And the cat does not approve of the disruption.
Getting much closer to final installation. The cabinets are onsite and the template is made for the countertop. The fabricators have the cut sheet, and fortunately we pre-ordered the appliances that we all on site.


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