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Thanks to Steven Lucero for a tour of the TEAM (Translating Engineering Advancements to Medicine) Laboratory on the UCD campus in Davis. Binda Mangat of Quorumtech joined me as we explored the space and the tools that the lab provides.  Our curiosity surrounds the question of what do successful research collaboration spaces look like? In this case, what are the support resources needed? And, most importantly, what will future buildings need to facilitate collaboration? 

The TEAM Lab is a Biomedical Engineering prototyping facility in the College of Engineering at UC Davis.  The TEAM core lab offers tools for UCD, other institutions and private researchers.  More than an engineering laboratory, they provide services to medical sectors including partners in veterinary, imaging, anatomy and all aspects of medical research.  The TEAM lab collaborates with the user to bring their concepts to physical reality, leveraging the core laboratory investment.  Even more exciting are plans to open a TEAM laboratory at Aggie Square in Sacramento.

Thanks again to the TEAM Lab at UC Davis.


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