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Republishing this link as it is germaine to this day.  This pandemic may be waning but rethinking our assumptions remains – for the better of community and home.

While it may seem unfathomable that we rethink our very source of fuel – natural gas in this instance – we must be realistic and considerate of the facts.   At SwiftEnvirons, we investigated electric induction for another project but due to supply chain during the pandemic, had to abandon the concept.  Meantime, when we hear that major utilities with the word “gas” in their name are abandoning natural gas systems, we knew it was time to take this seriously.  Further research, from industry presentations to personal recommendations made it clear – electric induction is the future.

In our case, the remodel of our kitchen in the Gold Country of California is our laboratory for electric induction cooking.  Fortunately there is a wealth of information to rely upon.  While we do not profess to be pioneers – merely consumers – blog posts here will share the experience. 

We will share more in upcoming posts – from concept to demolition to construction to use – evolving from why to how.


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